Keep Your Child Safe

It is the best parental control and child monitoring application. Parents can keep eyes on their children's smartphone activity even when they can’t physically see them.

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Download and install Safe Minor from the above links for child and parent. Now available for Android as well as iOS.


Register in Safe Minor as a Parent profile to monitor all the children's activities with unique username and password.

Add Child

Now sign in as "I'm already registered user" in child device with the same parent account credentials.


The parents now ready to monitor kid's devices for all the live activities remotly for security purposes.

Our Main Features

Emergency SOS

In an emergency, a child can send an SOS alert from anywhere. The parents will then receive an immediate panic alert with the his/her current accurate location. This will make you feel more secure when your children are away.

Real-time Locations and Geofence

Safe Minor will update all of the children's current location activities and show you a location path based on the previous locations history. A Geofence will notify you for all the children's check-in and check-out times.

Screen Time Management

We are now releasing a new feature called Screen Time, which will allow you to personalize the monitor and keep track of your children's screen time in order to help them break their phone addiction. Download it and play around with it on Safe Minor.

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It is the best application for family safety. Now parents can keep their eyes on their children even when they can't physically see them. Here you get almost everything you need to know about your children's devices for their security and concerning future.


  • SOS (Panic Alarm) - Your child can send an alert in dangerous situations. The panic alert will receive on the parent's phone with his/her current location detail.
  • Location Tracker - Find the real-time location of the device and see past history.
  • Application Info - Show installed app list on your child's device.
  • App Usages Report - View app usage report on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Address Book - View all contact with user photo
  • Notifications - Daily email report with a detailed summary of device usage and online activity.
  • Multiple device monitoring under one account. Turn on/off each feature individually.

First you need to install application and create account in the child's device. After installation, registration and verification, all phone usage information can be viewed remotely on the parent app or on our web panel.

  • To install in the child's phone, select profile as a child.
  • To install in the parent's phone, select profile as a parent and login using same account detail.
Get SafeMinor now from Google Play Store.

Do following steps to reset password.

  1. Open and click on 'Forgot Password?'
  2. Enter your account email address and click on 'Submit'
  3. It will send Reset Password link to your email address.
  4. Click on Reset password link and set new password.

To get app usage updates make sure app usage access should be enabled for SafeMinor app on your child's device.

If you didn't get update about your child app usage then.

Go to Phone Setting -> Security -> Apps with usage access -> SafeMinor -> Enable it.

Increase 'GPS SCAN INTERVAL' or 'GPS DISTANCE INTERVAL' value to reduce location update frequency.

You can use Google Pay to send money to friends and family or to someone using their email address or phone number. Google Pay charges no fees.

Default 'GPS SCAN INTERVAL'(in seconds) is 1 hour(3600 seconds) and 'GPS DISTANCE INTERVAL'(in meters) is 1000 meters.

You can view all your registered devices on our Safe Minor portal.

Here, it opens a Dashboard where you can see all the devices with the same username and their personal device information itself. You can monitor following basic details:

  • Child Device details
  • Battery details
  • Network details
  • Location details
  • App usage details
  • Geo-fence list
  • Contact details
  • Settings for customization
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